Information :

  • member
If you want to earn with us , you can simply register as member in our website. and then you can go to socialpad page , and you will find a menu socialpad list in dashboard area, in socialpad list you will find post with like , comment , follow button and you can simply clear the task by providing like or comment. then you will get paid based on the task completed and membership status straight to your wallet. however every member will have earn limit based on the investments. this will provide an equal opportunity for all members to gained profit from the project.
  • Customer
you can crowd campaign for like / follow / comment in our website. simply head to create socialpad menu and pay for the package based on your needs ex : twitter follower + likes . then your post / social media account will apear at socialpad list , our member can like / follow / comment in your post as soon as you finished the payment.
our service are the one who will provide customer for real people follower because we have kyc rules for members join our community and this will provide value for both sides.
  • Investor
investor are the one who stake SNS token or purchasing our NFT collection. Stake earn percentage will be updated in the near future. while our NFT will have many benefits added to its smart contract. see NFT holder benefits for more information.
  • Freelancer
people who join the community for working together with sns team to do tasks based on the given works , to earn sns token. you need exclusive membership for this and will be tested before works.( buzzers , ama host , ama trainer , social media manager etc )
we are working for the frontend right now and testnet will be avalable at december for the socialpad features.