problem & solution

Main problems

The study conducted by professors from Delhi’s Lady Shri Ram College and All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) surveyed youngsters from middle- and upper-middle-class families and found that on an average they spent up to six and a half hours every day on social media platforms.
atached to social media and phone basically wasting our precious time , this are the main problem that many young and adults face this day.it is also reduces the creativity and making body unhealthy in some way.
Social media marketing also cost a very high price , and handling of these marketing , developing , and creating ideas can be very hard consider if you are new and still have a small members.


Based on the data given above about the problems that exist in this modern world sosharu networks founder come up with an idea where people can take this as a long term benefit.you dont waste your precious time for nothing anymore,because you are getting paid by liking others post on social media. isnt it fun?
we also want to create a blockchain service that having great impact at lower price.this is why we want to build a community that are exist to helps others. we all looking for wealth in crypto world, but what makes this project interesting are we can create wealth by supporting each other. our service will give customer real people follower , and the member will be paid for following / liking customers post. both sides will be satisfied and create a healthy business with strong community as foundation.
we will also provide many products in the future where people / startup can pick various prices from our team and partners , and all of the service will cover wide variety of prices from low and high prices depending on the tier list. this will helps startup to reach more audience according to their capability and opens up new possibility to have a lot of startup coming to crypto industry and provide their ideas to the world and will provide good benefit for our community , we can learn more about crypto currencies and new ideas provide by the new startup.