Business & Services

SNS vision

Building social empire community to do social works and expanding the project globally. We have a long term vision and we are building our foundation based on community , so in order for the project and business run well,we will create values to SNS token and to provide investor and our member both short term and long term gained investments.

SNS Services

1. Socialpad

social pad contains many functions that using sns token as main currency, here are the functions that will be added to the socialpad menu :
  • account marketplace : used for buy and sell your social media account with cryptocurencies
  • create socialpad : used for creating launchpad services for boosting your social media account
  • socialpad list : for membership to do simple tasks such as like and comment and get pay in cryptocurrencies
  • membership : for paying membership and renewing your membership
  • wallet : show membership status , earn limit , wallet balance transfer between account and more.
  • Social manager : you can hire our profesional social media manager to manage or post content on your social media to grow your business , we will also design banner for your post / events , posting your events on our website and much more.
  • Superstar list : for user that have more than 200k follower on any social media can sell their comment through our website and earn money, you can also put your ads on our website and grow your audience together with us.
  • leaderboard : the top comment seller , most task member , will get rewarded every months on loyalti events
  • more service will be added in the future -

2.SNS mobile apps (wallet & messaging)

our apps will be used for wallet and messaging service. messaging service will have the ability receive message from different platform such as twitter,facebook,whatsapp and more.

3.Ama session & training ( sound / video )

4.smart contract audit ( partnership )

5.NFT store ( mint our nft and earn shared fees from project )

6. Donation platform / campaign

7. P2P payment (buy and sell sns token balance with fiat)

8.Content creating for crypto startup ( advertising content for your social media , banner , whitepaper , ama script for presentation , promotional video etc)



We will add more features in the upcoming roadmap