Our Goal

Brings high quality services to help others grow


Digital education for younger generation

as the blockchain technology begans to improve each days, we see this as opportunity to the younger generation to learn and adapt with this technology as its bring many benefit to the global world. Sns team wants to create an environment where younger generation can share and learn together about blockchain technology , as it will benefit themself in the future.

Better Life

in our country such as in indonesia the people are working for a very low salary standard, teacher as example only get pay for 50$ for a months , some of them (freelancer teacher in school) only get 25$ and will get salary in 3 months after working , we see this as big problems that occurs in our local areas , and we want to create better income for these people. by working togethers as a community and create a good service with sns project we believe we can help local people to improve their skills and deliver good quality products for our investor. this will make benefit for both parties involved.

Equal opportunity for investors

After conducting study case and research for almost 2 years , we see that many people got scammed in crypto spaces, and there are lot of small investors / startups that didnt get enough information about cryptocurrencies and fall into scammer traps. we see this as opportunity because many projects out there only care about the big investor who pour a lot of money in the projects and ignore the small investors, we want to gather these small investor and want to educate them so they can gain information and knowledge about cryptocurrencies and become parts of our community where we dedicated our time to serve others, so we can build wealth and grow together as community. Your success are our success.
'' All of us will die eventually at some point , we will lose all of our belongings and fame and achievement, but we will leave our name and good deeds behind, and good deeds live forever ''