Business Strategy


In order for a blockchain project to survive during the tough time as bear market and combating inflation , we already prepare the strategy from the beginning of this project.Based on study conducted by the team, only 10% of blockchain project can survive and make it to the big leagues and we believe we will be the one of that 10%. there are many reason that we will survive no matter what the market condition will be. the reason will be explained bellow :
  • Utilitites
Sns token will provide much utilities for its holder , you can pay our services using sns token and get discounted price. our services will be related to all social media marketing , such as boosting follower , boost media engagement (like,comment,follow,watching reel/ videos , etc), hiring personal social media manager , hiring website maker for startup , hiring developer for your dapps , hosting ama for startup , sell and buy social media account on our marketplace ( first in blockchain world ) , promotional video making for your startup , arts designer for your nft and the service can be purchase by using sns token.
  • Best quality in global market
if you read the membership requirement than you will know that all of product for boosting people's social media are 100% real follower. we are the first social media that implementing kyc requirement listed on our membership rules. this create organic growth for your social media and attract lot of investor for your startup,member who follow for boosting your social media may contribute and join your project if it attract their attention.
  • Smart contract function
smart contract function will be very crucial to the blockchain project, we added many function that will increase the value of sns token over time, our token will have burn function for every selling transaction that will reduce the value of total supply and increasing the price of the token. Max wallet holding will be 500.000.000 and max selling per transaction are 150.000.000 this will prevent mass selling pressure at the same moment. the token also have automated buyback feature, so when people selling the token the fees will be used to buyback the sns token to keep the price stable. this will feature create the supply of the token went down and drives the demands up, and the price of the token will be much higher from time to time.
  • Mass adoption
You can only pay our services using sns token / fiat , we dont provide any other option for the payment because we want sns token to be the main currencies for our product ( except nft marketplace ), this will force people to swap their currencies to sns token and bring more adoption for our token. however we might change this later ahead based on community votes. ( this idea was presented by 34 local community that already joined us with almost 9000 people who are ready to work and support our project )
  • Lowest service price in the market
Besides the blockchain developer which cost the most , the people who work with us are freelancer , and it consist of thousand people who graduated from university and already got scholarship degree and we can assure you that they are profesionnal. here's a sad fact that happens in our country , basic salary for a teacher with scholarship degree are 50 - 75$ / month , yes u read it right 50 bucks for a month , and for hard labor people they work for 10 hrs and get paid 3 - 7$. so why our product are very low cost? because we hire people that got 50 bucks a month and we pay them better than their salary. take an example that you are hiring social media manager that get designer scholarship degree , they got paid from their job for 50$ per month , and you offer them for 10 design and for managing your social media for a month ( post for you , replying comment ,design your banner for events on your social media etc ) and you pay 300$ , will they work from their heart content for prividing good service? you can guess it. and does it cost lower than average services out there? yes it is. nb : average fiver freelancer for managing social media are 100 for 7 days and for 7 post only.
  • Community as foundation
We are making our community as priority for the project , because the best investing are actually for human , human have endless possibility for making new product , revolusionary ideas , and creating something unimaginable , so when we want to achieve something greater we need to work together , and we have to share the same vision and mission , and to bring values to all who involved in the project. take an example of luna classis community , it was community driven currencies and we want to appreciate them for making it this far even with small amount of founders. because one thing that drives cryptocurrencies prices are adoption , as long there are people who hold small amount of our token and do trust in us , the token and project will never dies no matter how bearish the market is.
  • Trust and doxxed
The founders of the project are real people with real photos , we also offer free trips events for any investor from time to time , to meet with the founders and having a meeting personally to talk about how the project development , and to build deeper relationship between founders and investor, trust is very important in business perspective thats why we value the trust of our investor , with the trust between community investor and founders we believe this will lead us bigger each years.
  • Partnership
It is essential for startup to form partnership to gain more influence and to drive the company to be known globally.
we will form our partnership with ico , ido platform in future. there are many marketing partnership that being formed on big launchpad such as pinksale for ico , and maker dao for ido , and many others. this create opportunity for our project to take this opportunity and provide both company profit and drive the sns token adoption a lot faster.
there are people out there that making content telling that you cant put pinksale as partners unless they give official announcement on their social media. there you go , this is from pinksale actually :
  • Reasonable Apy and guaranteed ROI
Trust is crucial in business , and we dont offer something that we cant give , thats why we always give reasonable profit to our investor. Many projects out there that offer 1000% even 10.000% apy and logically thats almost impossible to do ( still possible but one in a million projects chance ) , many projects that promises big apy based on our study ended up being scamming project.in order to give investor profit the business need to have good products / good financial protocol ( tokenomics ) . take an example of binance where their main service are crypto marketplaces and they take fees per trade , and simply share the fees earned to the investor , they also have many features that can make their company profitable. SNS see binances as senior in the blockchain industry and want to follow their path , and our main goal are creating products that the market needs with competiting price with the same quality and even better, by selling products we can earn profit and give investor their investment along with the promises profit ( no matter how deep the sns price fall the investor will still be able to take 200% roi )
  • Vision & goal
Some projects doesnt take vision and goals seriously , and many of them fall in 1 years, many crypto projects do , because the goal are always money oriented and they forget to make adjusment in the projects , they abandoned the community , you may see that many projects want to be listed in many exchanges , more follower in twitter etc. these are actually a side effect , and not the main goals of blockchain projects should be. SNS projects will be community oriented , and project development and products will be our first priority , customer service and community helps will also be the first to our minds as developer.
  • Sharing is caring
This might be out of topic but what we want to explain that if you build your business based on helping other people to grow no matter how hard it is , you will achieve sucess. take an example of alibaba in china , they come from small startup that wants to help local groceries for selling their things. and we want sns networks to be the leading startup that helps people make money , we simply being the midman in our dapps that connecting the customer and supplier and share the profit to the community.
  • Offline business - implemented in 2024
The offline business will be a backup business for the sosharu networks team which will be located in labuan bajo indonesia , a famous spot for tourist and held one of seven wonders treasure which is komodo dragon. we will build a groceries store that people can trade using crypto specially sns token , and also we want to build unique motel and meeting hall , arts hall( physical nft arts ) , to provide various events to support local business and kids. The hall can be used for founders meeting with the investor, and sns project and team can be guest house for sns community which will be cheaper than any hotel in the town.Come to our town and we will provide the best hospitality services for our exclusive investor. enjoy the profit from the project and earn the free chances to free trips to indonesia with us. we will be expanding to bali as the projects grow.
  • Unique ideas for long term project
We already have ideas for 10 years on how the project will develop from time to time , we make the study case from 2020 and it leads us to this project , however we cant share all the upcoming ideas and future features in our whitepaper. we already experience bad things in the past when we create the project and others startup stole our ideas by implementing it in their projects. so if you want to know more about our ideas you can join as exclusive member or buying our nft to gain special acess to the exclusive community , by being priority member you will also gain exclusive acess for our limited events and share get many benefits.