How to buy sns token?
Simply go to the pancake swap and connect your wallet , and swap your crypto with our sns token. click here to go to pancake swap.
What is membership?
membership are user that create account on our website, the user will have access to socialpad where you can like post / follow customers social media account to earn money
How long membership expired?
there is no expiring time for membership , however there are limit to how much you can earn. after reaching the limit you cant earn again from the like to earn services.
Can membership be renewed?
Yes we will provide renewal services , the renewal services can be acessed after 6 months you hit the earn limit.
How much is membership?
membership price are 200$ and will be increased over time.
Are my investment save if i buy sns token?
Investing in crypto will have risk as we know the crypto prices are very volatile, all crypto does , we cant be 100% sure its risk free , but if you hold for atleast 1 years we are sure that you will earn profit from our project. we have a lot of products and service that will creating profit in long term so we dont depends higly on investor to buy our token to drive the price higher , we have our own business to support the projects. Auto liquidity , burn function and automated buyback feature from smart contract will help the token to have stable price too.
How can we make sure you guys not scammer?
We already posted our founders and team on website , you can also check their personal social media , we also already done kyc and got safu badge from pinksale team. we know its not 100% save if you got safu badge , so we provide events where investor can meet with the founders personally and hold a meeting with local community , we will also host live video ama and charity in near future.
I still dont understand about the projects
If you still dont understand about our project you can head to our telegram channel by clicking the the link https://t.me/sosharunetworks , and ask for admins for supports , support live chat or voice chat will be up for 24hrs / 6 days to help people who wants to learn about our projects. supports closed on sunday.