About SNS token

WHAT IS sns project?
SNS project are project that runs on top of binance smart chain protocol, we mainly focusing on helping startup / personal that wants to grow their social media engagement , and to give value to the community member that contribute in our project.
The founder started the business back in 2020 when they try many smm panel business and social media plugin at that time. but the result gained in smm panel / social media plugin are very dissapointing, some of the smm panel services are scamming business and provide 0 value to the customer's business.you add 2000 followers to be bought and yet some of them only send 1200 followers. and will dissapear after few months because it is fake accounts.and so we want to provide a social media marketing with high impacts for the customer, this is why we created SNS project.
As crypto world began to grow better everyday we see the chances in blockchain industry and merging the old traditional smm panel to be better with dapps, the main benefit of dapps that it is decentralized and easy to use,also it have very low cost operational fees because of the smart contract capability.the contra are that blockchain project development are very costly.
But we see high potential of the future market in social media and blockchain , and with blockchain financial system we believe that our project will grow larger everyday.
We create SNS project to provide value to the community and to our customer , we create many service to provide values to sns token , you can register as member and become part of our community and start earning sns token by like ,comment , and following others on our dapps, you will also be able to sell your social media account on our dapps , you can also sell your comment to helps other to boost their social media engagment. pretty interesting right?

Aiming For Safe investments

Brought to you by the dev of BlockchainWorld, and with a powerful online and offline community already behind it, this project is geared up to reveal great potential. Sns team unites highly dedicated and experienced talents with tech and marketing background who have the ambition to create impactful and long-lasting project that cares for the crypto investors.
The information shared in this whitepaper is not all-encompassing or comprehensive and does not in any way intend to create or put into implicit affect any elements of a contractual relationship. The primary purpose of this whitepaper is to provide potential token holders with pertinent information for them to thoroughly analyze the project and make an informed decision. Before you participate in the purchase of 'SNS” Tokens, we strongly advocate a careful study of this whitepaper and all the documents associated with the same.
You may even engage the services of appropriate experts to help you with your analysis. Certain statements, estimates, and financial information featured in this whitepaper are forward-looking statements that are based on and take into consideration certain known and unknown contingencies and risks which in eventuality may cause the estimated results or may differ factually and substantially from the featured estimates or results extrapolated or expressed in such forward-looking statements herewith.